Make Six-Figures in Business!

You've been putting in the hard work every single day.Pinning on Pinterest, being engaged on Facebook and Instagram, writing quality content...however, you're still struggling to make money online. 

Or maybe you just started and you're reading tons of articles a day and listening to every webinar you can manage in hopes of gaining the "key" to making a profit from your online business.

You know this is profitable, you've seen the proof by reading tons of income reports!

We want you to know that you're not crazy for starting your business and expecting to make a profit! 

You're on the right track!

The 9 step guide you'll learn how to put in place step by step.

+ a bonus sales page breakdown that converts

This course will cover this entire guide with a 23 minute video explaining step by step in detail exactly what you need to do to implement EACH step to make a guaranteed profit. (I even tell you exactly what to say in your emails to make the sale) NOTHING IS HELD BACK!
The 9 step guide you'll learn how to put in place step by step.

How do you take the course?

Taking an online course can seem confusing. However, this course is a super easy self paced course. You can rewind the video and review the PDF's as many times as you need to.
How do you take the course?

What the community is saying:

“I watched the 23 min video 5 times and took notes! I wanted to be sure I was doing everything right. Made my first sale a week later! ”

Melissa M.Melissa M.

“I was struggling as a beginner blogger when I found the Six-Figure sales funnel through Pinterest. I'm still a newbie but I've already tripled my sales as an Insurance Agent since I've put this guide into place!”


“I feel like for the first time, I have clarity in my business. I don't feel like I'm just winging it anymore. I have no doubt I'll make 6-figures by the end of the year!”


What's Included:

Here's what's included in the course. Each step in the video module can be time consuming however, I walk you through setting up everything step by step to ensure your success.

  • Printable guide outlining the nine key steps to making Six-Figures.

  • 23 minute video breaking down each step of the guide, explaining exactly how Six-Figure earners make a profit! It's as simple as "rinse and repeat"!

  • Bonus Sales Page outline included. I give you the exact lineup of how your sales page should look to convert!

Here's what the Six-Figure Sales Funnel will do:

After implementing everything outlined in this course it has been proven by others and myself that you will make a profit. You can use this sales funnel course to make Six-Figures!

  • Guide you through setting up your sales funnel step by step for guaranteed sales in 30 days or less.

  • Help build and funnel your audience into your sales funnel and buying your services/products.

  • Teach you how to build a sales page that converts.

How I went from making nothing online to a full-time blogger

Oh, and I did it under 8 months!

At the end of 2017, I found myself in a unfamiliar place. I was used to working from home for big name companies however, not at all for myself. Even though I worked from home, I still found myself not feeling fulfilled in what was doing everyday. I would wake up everyday with nothing to look forward to. 

I had just recently self published a book with no idea how to market and really no intentions on it either. I was lost with no direction and needed saving. With a lot of soul searching and researching online, I decided to do what most people do when they're looking for independent work from home jobs. Surveys! (I know it seems silly right?) Oh, and I can't forget transcribing. With a lot of hard work, I was making little to nothing. Thank God I didn't quit my day job in this process! 

After working really hard and making almost nothing, I decided to change the direction of my blog. I wanted to appeal to people like myself who were looking for work online and loves the digital world. Shortly after, I found the business side of Pinterest and NEVER LOOKED BACK!

I went from having no idea what I was doing to leaving my soul sucking job in just under 8 months!

This course teaches you how to do exactly what I did.

You can do this!

I think this is important to mention:

Starting a blog/site and making a profit is not far fetched! This course really will teach you everything I know about making money blogging and digital marketing that has allowed me to create the life I deserve. There is nothing special about me, or my blog. You can implement everything to your own site and have the same success myself and many others have had with this course. You can start a profitable blog!
You can do this!


  • When will I be able to access the course?

    After you enroll in the course, you'll have immediate access to all of the course contents.

  • How long do I have to access the course?

    Once enrolled, you'll have lifetime access to the course.

  • Can I gain assistance during the course?

    Yes, you can email me at OR directly from the contact page --->

  • What is your return policy?

    If purchased full price, there is a 30 day money back guarantee with proof of implementing all steps outlined in course.

  • What do I need to take this course?

    A desire to make money online, computer, notebook and pen or pencil, and free time.